CBD Bars (50 Bars)


Wholesome CBD bars, hand made with dried fruits, nuts, and spices. Offered in three flavors:’CLASSIC, POWER & JOY!’ Each bar includes 10mg CBD, which is entirely VEGAN and gluten-free.



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Buy CBD bars online, discover the latest innovation in our selection of premium quality CBD goods: CBD-Synthesis. Three yummy and healthy edible bars, hand made with only the best ingredients:

CLASSIC — Dates, walnuts, coconut, cardamom, and 10mg CBD
POWER — Plums, walnuts, oats (gluten-free), cocoa, cinnamon, dates, clove, pepper, and 10mg CBD
JOY! — Figs, pistachios, cashews, yellow raisins, sunflower, agave, orange, and 10mg CBD

All of our products are all handmade, with love from the USA. Each bar contains 10mg of pure CBD by CBD Synthesis, measures (approximately ) 65 x 25 x 25 mm, and weighs 53 grams. CBD-Synthesis are completely VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, and contain no additional sugars, E numbers, artificial flavoring, or preservatives. Each CBD-synthesis contains on average 190 kcal.

We include lots of NUTS. The oats at the power’-bar are certified GLUTEN-FREE.

Not Heard (room temperature): one-month shelf life
Refrigerated (4 — 7 degrees Celsius): two weeks shelf life
In the freezer (+/- -18 degrees Celsius): four weeks shelf life


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